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FAQs about Red Algae/Rhodophyte Identification 8

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Marine Aquarium Algae Control

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

Red tipped macro algae ID     9/18/18
Ah sorry, I was using an old email thread—thought it was still attached, here you go!
<Looks like some type of Rhodophyta algae>

Red tipped macro algae ID     8/2/18
Hi Crew!
Got another macro today...the local fish store was honest and wasn’t sure exactly what it was. It just came in labeled as “red macro algae”—how obvious, lol. I thought maybe Gracilaria but never seen a pic of one that’s green with red tips. Definitely not dragon’s breath, as I cultivate that one. Could you be so kind to ID? I very much appreciate your help as always!
Dani ��
<Will look tomorrow. For now, take a read through our Rhodophyte ID FAQs files:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: Red tipped macro algae ID     8/2/18
So many beautiful algae in those FAQs! Some have such gorgeous specimens! Yet none as two toned as mine.
<Ah yes; but/though, like tomatoes, I do suspect this is a Red/Rhodophyte... but what?>
It’s also extremely tough. I tried to rip a piece off to put in my microfuge, I couldn’t—had to cut it!
I thought perhaps Gracilaria, but I heard that’s usually fragile.
<Yes; agreed; though I recall there are more than two hundred known species in the genus. Am going to post on WWM and the Net and let's see if folks can/will chime in re. Some sort of Fauchea species thus far seems the consensus. BobF>

Red algae ID     2/11/18
Hello, I wrote in many months back and you were super helpful identifying some algae for me. I hope you can help again! I have attached a photo of the reddish pink tree-like algae that is spreading like wildfire through my tank. I didn’t see anything like it in your algae ID archives... can you tell me what it is?
<I wish I could... the regular branching... I don't think this is an algae/Thallophyte, but a very pink Hydrozoan of some sort>
Does anything eat it that I could use to help control the spread? Thank you!
<There are some notable Seaslugs that ingest various Hydropolyps, but I don't know anything re this particular one. I would remove it from the system, as it may be producing stinging elements that will bother your other livestock. Do you have a microscope with a USB connection? I'd like to see some 100-200, 400 time magnification shots. Bob Fenner>

Re: Red algae ID      2/12/18
Hi Bob, I don’t have a microscope unfortunately.
<Perhaps a local fish store does, someone from a marine aquarium club>
I have tried some manual removal but ripping it off leaves traces behind that I cannot remove, and it is widespread, including my tank overflow box and powerhead. It also grows very very fast.
<Yeeikes! I wish I could tell definitive what this is. I have never encountered something this shade of pink, nor with the array of branching it shows>
Is bleaching my tank and starting over my only option to eradicate this pest?
<It may well be>
Also, can it sting fish or just corals?
<Can't tell w/o testing or microscopic looking. BobF>
Thanks again.

Identification - 2/11/2017
Your image files are too big... have been deleted. Re-size and re-send. B
re: Identification

Sorry, try these
<Hi, Chris
Jordan with you today. You have a beautiful macro-algae in the genus Laurencia, most likely L. iridescens. I'd be willing to bet you're live rock was in the Caribbean at some point and picked it up. It's a non-invasive species that I would be pleased to find in my tank.>


re: Identification 2/10/17 - 2/11/2017
Thank you Jordan!!
Good to hear. Will the Nudibranch (that photo bombed my pics, and also a hitchhiker lol) be an issue with it?
<Haha, didn't see that guy earlier. Looks to be an Elysia crispata, a beneficial herbivore from the Caribbean. You hit the hitch-hiker jackpot with this rock! It shouldn't bother the Laurencia as it prefers filamentous Chlorophyta including the dreaded Bryopsis>

Red Macroalgae ID?     8/28/15
<Seven plus megs.....?>
This is an algae update, better pictures and more samples, any ideas?
<Maybe a Botryocladia sp. BobF>

Re: Red Macroalgae ID?     8/28/15
Maybe the high res.? thank you for your time
<Heeeee! Welcome>
Sent from my iPhone
<I can't afford that. B>

Identification        1/5/15
Hi Bob,
I found something at the LFS in which they don't know what it is. They believe it is some type of algae and it seems to grow fast.. Here is the best picture i can give you.. Under the actinic lights its bright red.
Thank you again
With flash
<Mmm; appears to be a Rhodophyte... maybe a Halymenia species. I'd search through Algaebase.org re.
Bob Fenner>

red algae?     11/2/14
Hi guys,
I have a type of red algae (I think) growing in my tank.
<I do agree>
It spreads readily but doesn't seem to bother anything. It is going crazy, just about everywhere.
<And beautiful>
It pulls off easily, but it is in nooks and crannies and hard to get the base. I kind of like it, but it is driving my wife crazy. Is there anything that will eat it or help to control it?
<A bunch of possibilities. Read here re: http://wetwebmedia.com/redalgcompfaqs.htm
I have attached a picture.
<I'd offer the excess at local shops... Sell it distally to other hobbyists... perhaps through Aquabid>
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Macroalgae ID     7/15/14
Dear Bob, I am venturing into a reef tank and as a botanist, of course have to stock it with unusual macro algae's.
<Ah yes>
I have two I am not sure on ID, could you help?
<Can take a guess. Wish the pix were a bit larger... my vision is what it was>
I was thinking the first tow pics of the same macro might be a Cryptomenia sp?
<Possibly; yes>
[image: Inline image 1][image: Inline image 2]
And the other maybe Fauchea?
<This is my guess as well>
[image: Inline image 3]
<And another. Do (unless you already have) take a romp through the survey piece: http://wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm
and the Red/Rhodophyte ID FAQs files linked above>
Thank you for any help you can offer,
Rebecca A Linden
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner, who, of all things, dreamed of KateG (friend and more) in and out of Avery Gallup's SDSU Phycology classes just a few hours back. Not much re macrophytes however.>

Can you help me ID this macro, please?      7/7/14
Dear Bob, et al -
I acquired a macro algae from an entire set up that I purchased months ago.
<A beauty!>
It was a dark blood red wine color macro attached to a rock. At first glance I thought it was fake, but then realized it was real. I placed it in my pico. It was doing fine but I moved it into a refugium that I'd set up
for my 110; i needed macro in there. It's been in the refugium about 4 months now.
Today I was cleaning the refugium and I noticed that this macro now had a gorgeous blue hue to it. Something I'd not seen before. I started to search and found Fauchea sp. to be the two closest match. Then I found a post made to you from another hobbyist. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/RedAlgID8.htm  -
the first picture looks identical to my macro. I've attached a picture for you. Please let me know what you think.
<I do concur>
I've been searching for Fauchea sp. for many years. I always thought it was more blue.
<Mmm, this genus, member species are definitely "change-able"... to vacillate to more green, blue, purple "depending on circumstances">
I so look forward to your response. Thank you.
Very best regards,
<And you, Bob Fenner>

Red Algae identification      8/21/13
Dear WWM,
I am attaching a photo of the algae in question. It started as a small red "flower" shaped bud on a piece of live rock. Over the last four months it has steadily grown upwards.  I have searched the Internet up and down and have not been able to ID it. I was hoping you could help.
<Looks to be a Fauchea sp.; a beaut!>
Thanks in advance for all you do.
<Glad to share, Bob Fenner>

ID hitchhiker    /Jordan     8/1/13
Please help me ID this beautiful creation of God who found his way in on a rick I've owned for about 6 months. I am referring to the red kelp-ish looking species. Coral, Algae, beautiful. What is this?
<Looks to be Halymenia floresii,
ID hitchhiker    /RMF     8/1/13
Please help me ID this beautiful creation of God who found his way in on a rick I've owned for about 6 months. I am referring to the red kelp-ish looking species. Coral, Algae, beautiful. What is this?
<Definitely a Rhodophyte, a Red algae; likely of the genus Fauchea...
Beneficial and indicative of good conditions here.
Bob Fenner>

Macroalgae identification     5/24/13
Hi, I would like your help to indentify this macroalgae
Thank you Marie-H.
<See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/RedAlgID7.htm

Red bubble algae?     5/6/13
Is this red bubble algae?

<Nope. Appears to be Cyanobacteria aka blue/green algae>
 I'm having difficulty identifying it. I also have a small patch of green of the same looking algae on a different rock. Is it bad? If so, what can I do to get rid of it? Any little creatures eat it?
<Read more here-- http://www.wetwebmedia.com/cyanocontrolfaqs.htm >
Thanks for all your help!!!!
<Quite welcome.>
Sent from my iPhone
<Sent from Jordan's laptop.>

strange growths 12/27/12
<Hi Jennifer>
I have 2 strange growths on my live rock that even my local saltwater shop was not sure about when I showed them the pictures. I have a 90 gal. bowfront  reef tank which I just recently transferred from a 60 gal.  I did not add anything new into the tank and had the 60 gal established for over 7 yrs.
Upon the transfer and new equipment, a new lamp with VHO, leds and a timer with dawn, day, dusk, and moon light cycle I recently had an algae bloom so upon my cleaning up the algae I noticed these odd things on my rock. What are they? My saltwater guys at the shop, one thought one was a mushroom which if it is, never seen anything like it and the other photo a pink sponge which he said to just scrape
it off. But I'm just curious as this growth occurred in a months time.
<The first picture does appear to me a Corallimorph. The second photo is a Rhodophyta, possibly Kallymenia sp.>
from the back of my tank I found this odd thing.. ?
<Not sure what this is in reference to.>
Thanks for your help!
Jennifer Cooper

Re: Clarkii Clown Fish Problem, & alg. ID  11/9/12
Hi! I just wanted to update you on my fish that has pop eye. I read your information on pop-eye but couldn't do a QT tank. I went to my local specialty fish store and they recommended to use MELAFIX
<... worthless. Would you pour a tea/extract in your own eyes? I hope/trust not.>
 by API. The directions said use it for 7 days and then perform a 25% water change. We did notice his eye was going down during the use of MELAFIX but soon after the 7 days it started to bubble up again. Do you recommend to dose our tank for additional 7 days?
Another question, during this process of medicating our fish we noticed these little stringy like things starting to form in our live rock. I feel like they are spreading. What are they??
<Some sort of red branching algae, a Rhodophyte. Not problematical. Read
here: http://wetwebmedia.com/PopeyeCause.htm
and the linked files above. BobF>

Can you help me identify this?    10/11/12
Dear WWM,
I have this purple bubble looking stuff growing on one of my rocks, and it is getting more prolific.  Can anyone identify it?
<Looks to be some sort/species of Botryocladia...>
  Should I be  concerned?
<Mmm, not much>
I am wondering if it is in the bubble algae family....
<Sea Grapes... some folks call/label as Red Valonia... not as invasive>
Thanks in advance,
Laura Garmizo
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: Can you help me identify this?    10/11/12
Hi Bob,
Thanks for such a quick response.
Would you attempt to remove it?  I don't find it unattractive...just  don't want some major epidemic on my hands!
<I'd leave it/this... most Reds come and go of their own accord. B>
Hi Bob,
Thanks.  Will leave alone and continue to marvel at what just "shows  up" on its own in my system!

Algae clarification     3/11/12
Hi Crew,
<Hello Si.>
It's been a long time since I posted on here and asked for any information from you, although I do still regularly visit the site (so don't worry :))
I just wanted some algae ID if possible. I think I know what I'm looking at but just wanted a second opinion, and advice if I should remove it or not. I attached a couple of pictures, are they Rhodophyte and a species of Nemastoma?
<Your IDs look spot on and would leave both unless they bother you aesthetically. I suspect the Rhodophyte would prove difficult to remove entirely if you ever decided to try. Great looking Nemastoma sp. by the way! >
Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards


Macroalgae identification 1/27/12
I am hoping that you can confirm an identification. This macroalgae has been growing in our reef for several years under actinics and metal halides. It's a gorgeous vibrant purple and I find it more appealing than even the corals. I think it's a Padina species (slang name onion ring algae),
<Mmm, perhaps w/ an encrusting Red overgrowing it... but I think more likely this is Peyssonnelia sp. An encrusting Red. Class Rhodophyceae, Subclass Florideophycidae, Order Gigartinales, Family Peyssonneliaceae>
but I have been unable to find a picture with a specimen with a similar color to ours.
Thanks again for the wonderful website!
<Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

ID Help, Macro or Bubble? 12/14/11
Hello to the good folk of WWM!
<Hello Rey>
Can you help identify what type of Macro Algae or Bubble Algae I have growing here? Its growing on several different rocks.
They are very small, maybe the size of a small chocolate chip and shaped like a leaf. Very soft to the touch. Anything to worry about or will it run its course?
<Some Rhodophytes have also been dubbed by some as Red Valonia, but your macro algae appears to be a Rhodophyte,
Botryocladia skottsbergii. I'm not sure if they spread like Valonia so I will ask Bob for his input in this regard.> <<Not nearly as robust, invasive as Valonia. RMF>>
<You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)>

Algae ID HELP 12/10/11
Hi all,
<Hey there!>
I am hoping you can help me identify the red (?) algae in the attached pictures. I have been trying to identify this for some time with little success. Two of the pictures are actually from your own pages and are the closest that I have seen. However one has the algae as unknown, the other as Galaxaura. If it is Galaxaura what is the most effective means of control/removal?
<Mmm, same ole... predator search, competition, nutrient starvation, physical removal... See WWM re Rhodophyte/Red Algae control>
It is a fragile algae that fragments very easily with loose fragments sticking to, and colonising a new site very easily. The fronds seem to exude a 'gel' that may contain tiny pieces of the algae almost like spores that distribute easily.
<Mmm, yes... alginates... have their many purposes>
It is a nightmare that took over an entire tank and is gaining a foothold in a new tank. It grows between and on soft and hard polyps. I have many snails, hermits, an algae blenny, pencil urchin and hippo tang in the tank but never see any of them browse it. I have seen the blenny pull mouthfuls of it but that seems to aid distribution rather than control it. The tang will eat fragments it finds in the water column but I have never seen it browse.
<Again, peruse WWM, the Net, in-print literature... as you might surmise, there are organisms that eat all organisms... Perhaps a Siganid, if it will go in your system>
Nitrate and phosphate are both zero, I use biopellets, and Chaeto in a reverse lit refugium to control nutrients.
<Mmm... make that Mmmm, I'd be looking for a good predator... likely modifying your water chemistry (gone over on WWM) to severely deny HPO4 to the pest>
I really am desperate to find a solution before it gets out of control again. This is a recently set up tank but this algae growth is not part of the cycling process. Filamentous, Cyano and diatoms have all come and gone and it looks like this is here for the long haul.
<Ugh, no fun>
If it gets to the same proportions as in my previous tank I really think I ill get out of saltwater altogether, it is too sickening to see corals smothered by this as the tank turns into a red/brown mass.
Hoping you can help,
<I can... please send along a better (more-resolved image...) even a microscopic one if you can. Don't give up... often some aspect, self-limits such outbreaks... Bob Fenner>

Re: Algae ID HELP 12/10/11
Hi Bob,
<Big D!>
Many thanks for your prompt reply, coincidentally I am taking a day trip to my not-so-LFS
tomorrow and a Foxface Rabbitfish Siganus vulpinus is top of my list. My old tank was too small to allow me to use such fish as a control but I'm hoping they can do a job in this tank.
<Ah good>
I could also put a phosphate reactor in place to try and limit availability of HPO4.
<Ehh, just boosting pH via Kalk will do all you want/need to do here... Remove your Chaeto for the day...>
I often question myself as to the usefulness of nitrate and phosphate tests.
<Mmm, are rationale "windows" into looking at what is/may be going on in a system... BUT only w/ understanding of their implications and short-comings>
Surely a kit could give a zero reading due to the fact that the tank is a mass of problem macroalgae while the aquarist is thinking, "Well done me!, so why can't I get rid of this algae".
<Mmm, a valuable lesson here for you (and many others) re the real nature of the universe... Uhh, it's not all that "discrete"... but more like calculus vs. deterministic arithmetic... In your "real time", it may appear that there is insufficient nutrient to allow such a situation... In some sort of reality, the pest algae IS the nutrient... i.e., it's very likely scarfing/scavenging all up... One mechanism for limiting (nee teleologically intended here) competition, eh?>
Again, thanks for your time,
<And you for yours. BobF>

Unknown Red Macro 5/23/11
Hello Crew,
<Howdy Kris>
I recently received a small clump of a unknown red macro from a fellow reefer.
<Very nice>
He sent this to me because I have a pretty extensive macro algae collection to compare it against. We were thinking possibly Gracilaria hayi
<Mmm, maybe G. mammillaris>
however this is nothing like it. This macro is much more maroon in color and is way more compact then hayi. Another person had mentioned possibly red titan but this is nothing like my titan either. Not sure what it is.
From my understanding it grows relatively slow. It is super compact and super hardy. This was in transit to me for 10 days from Canada to Colorado and there was 0 die off.
<Most Rhodophytes ship very well... Reds do live on very little light at times...>
Never seen that before, unless overnight shipping. Wish all macros shipped that well! Kind of reminds me of Dictyota
to be honest. Any help appreciated, pictures attached (taken out of the water) Thanks!
<I think this is likely a Fauchea species. Do see the Net re this genus.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Unknown Red Macro 5/23/11
Thank you for your time Bob. I am actually getting Fauchea in on a order tomorrow. I will compare the 2 and see what I find out. Thanks again you guys are wonderful!
<There are many beautiful members (and diverse!) in the Rhodymeniales. I may see/photograph some ones new to me on the morrow. Am down in Guanacaste, Costa Rica diving. BobF>

Red Macro 5/24/11
Hey everyone. Bob, I hope Costa Rica is treating you right!
<Ah yes, thanks>
I saw the post on the red macro algae, and immediately thought of this stuff
I have in my tank. It first showed up a few months ago, as very small "petals", but it's been growing very very slowly. Could it be the same stuff?
<Could be; or something closely related... perhaps of the same genus>
I "adopted" 70 of my 110 pounds of live rock, so I don't know a lot about it. The biggest "petal" is a tad smaller than a quarter, and the "leaves" are a bit leathery to the touch (a bit thinner and also bigger in diameter than Halimeda). Searches for it haven't turned up much, but I'm still a noob.
Whatever it is, as long as it's peaceful, I like it where it is.
<Thanks for sending this along. Bob Fenner>

Coral ID Help 5/17/11
I'm trying to get an ID on this coral. This coral started growing out of my rock recently. I really like the orange and almost blue tint the coral.
It looks like a mushroom, but seems to have a harder skeleton than most mushrooms.
<Mmm, well the reddish material near the bottom appears to be a Rhodophyte (a Red Algae), the top area... a Corallimorph of some sort, and these don't have skeletons. If you could send along a better image... Bob Fenner>

Red Macro Algae ID 1/24/11
<Hi there>
What is this algae?
<As you state... a Rhodophyte...>
A store owner gave it to me for free when I bought some snails over a month ago. It's grown a little since, and it has hardy tissue that seems to adhere to rocks. Some of the "leave" tips have white dots on them. If this photo is not sufficient I can take more. Thanks!
<Is a beauty. Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

New red mushroom or algae 12/6/10
You guys have been great in the past helping me identify new and interesting life in my tank. Can u take a look at the attached pic and give any insight?
<Is a Rhodophyte, red algae of some sort. See WWM:
and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>

Re: New red mushroom or algae 12/6/10
Is it invasive?
<Mmm, not "very">
Should I do something to head it off & or so what recommendations?
<I'd harvest a bit every maintenance period... when/while you're already in the tank... Reds are by and large slow-growers, not really competitors w/ other chemoautotrophs>
Again, thanks for you help and quick response.
<Certainly welcome. BobF>

red macroalgae? -- 10/11/10
Dear WMM Crew,
As always, thank you so much for your service to the aquarium community.
You do an awesome job!
I have been searching for months, trying to identify this seemingly red macroalgae, which is now a regular occurrence in my little reef (please see attached pic). I have looked all over the place for an ID, to no avail.
It grows in tight clumps, such as the one in the picture, and although it does not seem to be too invasive, I have to remove it from time to time.
It feels very slimy to the touch, and indeed, when I split it, it seems to release mucus-like material. Of note is also the fact that the top of the globular structures that compose this being have an iridescent appearance, and this iridescence intensifies under strong light. I have one such clumps under MH lights and that clump has turned totally golden on top. Finally, a sort of tiny white brittle stars love to live in the clumps.
I hope you can help me with the ID.
grateful for your help,
<Mmm, likely Botryocladia sp. Please see/read here:
Bob Fenner>

Red Macro Algae ID 8/24/10
I have a query about the ID of a red macro algae.
The algae is slimy, quite flattened and translucent to transparent. And it is attached to a rock.
The LFS didn't knew what it was & as I don't have any corals or herbivores I just took it home.
Its in a 20G FOWLR under 2x30W of PC daylights(the bulbs are 5 days old). And placed high up on the rocks as I don't know anything about it.
Any advice on keeping it thriving ll be greatly appreciated.
<Oh bejesus, there are so many different types of macroalgae that it can be difficult to accurately ID. My best guess is that what you have is a genus of Rhodophyta, and likely a specie of Gracilaria. Your input Bob/Crew?
James (Salty Dog)>
<<Def. a Rhodophyte... See here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redalgae.htm
and the linked files above. B>>

What is this algae and will a Flame Angelfish eat it? 05/25/2010
Hi Crew,
I attach a photo of some red macro-algae that has been growing slowly in one of my tanks. Presumably, this algae came in with the Florida live rock I bought several years ago, even though I did not become aware of it until
about 18 months ago, when the rock got moved into a relatively dark corner of a relatively low light FOWLR tank. This algae is really pretty, and I am fond of it.
<Kind of just looks like some kind of blue/green algae to me... but maybe could be Fauchea sp. red algae? <<Is a Rhodophyte. RMF>> Unfortunately, I don't know that there are too many, if any, full-color photo illustrative guides to aquarium algae identification -- perhaps it's the narrow audience or minute consumer market for such a thing? It's too bad really... I mean, after all, who isn't, at some point in his/her life, haunted by a mysterious, unidentified, nearly amorphic autotrophic growth in their marine aquarium?>
So question 1 is can you identify this algae for me?
<Not really, no... but since it lacks an obvious underlying "structure" I'd wager that it's a blue-green algae of some sort.>
Question 2 is do you think that a Flame Angelfish will devour this algae if I introduce one to this tank?
<Hard to say... after all, if you put a plate of anchovies in front of a class of 6 year olds, chances are that at least one of them will venture a bite on a dare. But you're putting what we might assume (albeit perhaps for no good reason since the algae could have theoretically come from anywhere) Atlantic algae in front of one individual Indo-Pacific fish... so I guess you'll just have to wait and see!>
<De nada,
Sara M.>

Unknown species.. Rhodophyte.. gorgeous 4/14/10
Hey guys,
<Hey Jason>
I have attached two pictures showing a hitchhiker macro algae (assuming but not sure).
<I think you are right!>
It is purple in color and I cannot find any information on what type it is.
<This is a Rhodophyte, but the species I am not sure.. there are thousands.
It came attached to Bali live rock from my LFS.
<It is a very beautiful algae>
Any help you can offer is always appreciated.
<Have a trawl through the many different I.D sites for these on the web and you might stumble on something>
<No problem>

Identification of this Algae... 3/9/10
Hey Guys,
I have a quick question about this algae growth that seemed to just up and appear one day. It started off as a small unnoticeable growth and now as you can see has turned in to a bush! I really like it, I really just want to know what it is. I am hoping you can help me with that?
A few specs about my tank. I know it sounds bad, but I have no idea the params of my tank for the most part. I do water changes on my tank every weekend so, everything seems to remain healthy. I do know the PH is right at 8.2 (Salifert test kit) and I know the salinity is right between 1.024-1.025 (calibrated refractometer). As far as the ALK, CA, Nitrate, Nitrite levels, I am not really sure. The tank is a custom made 75g tank with a built in filter in the back, skimmer, halide lights... It has been established for over 3 years and all is healthy minus the usual reef die off.
Michael Seybert
<Is a nice Rhodophyte of some sort. See here:
and the linked files above, particularly Red Algae ID FAQs. Enjoy this life, Bob Fenner>


Re Identification of this Algae... 3/9/10
Bob, thanks for all your help! I have been scouring the web looking for this species, it almost has orange around the edges and then the middle of the leafs are pink! Anywho, thanks again for all your help!
<Is a beauty Mike. If you could culture it in quantity, this would be worth selling to stores, over the Net. BobF>
Re: Identification of this Algae... 3/9/10
Thanks, I will try and cut a piece off and then grow it on a frag plug?
See what happens!
<Sounds good. B>

Sponge? (Mmm, Rhodophyta maybe) -- 03/01/10
<<Howdy Dan>>
Can't find a picture like this on your site so far, so I attached a photo from my tank.
<<I see this>>
I have 10-12 of these little red dudes attached to live rock, all within 3-4" of the substrate, and none bigger than ¼" in diameter. They look like a semicircular portion of a red mushroom and only started showing up about two months ago. My tank is about 13 months old, and has numerous corals and other inverts. Could they be some sort of sponge?
<<A possibility, or maybe even a tunicate'¦but studying the photo, I'm inclined to think this is a Rhodophyta (red algae)'¦with some 6,000 or more species to choose from>>
<<Happy to share'¦ EricR>>

a new algae? 2/11/10
Hello Bob,
<Miss T>
Do you recognize this algae? Also from Sulawesi....
I have two photo's more but this one is the most nice one.
Hope to hear from you
<Don't know, but is a gorgeous Rhodophyte of some sort. BobF>

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