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FAQs on Sponge Identification 18

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Algae... ID, spg.       11/16/14
Hi. I've been researching everywhere but still have not been able to identify the algae below which forms spongy spikes on live rock and substrate in my reef tank. Please are you able to identify?
Thank you.
<I think this is a sponge period. Do you have access to a low power microscope that has a USB connection? Bob Fenner>

Re: Algae      11/17/14
I don't but looking online, they are not that expensive and I quite often see them referred to in articles so I will order one.
<Ah, good. See my piece on WWM re... have a QX Mattel/Intel w/in arms reach here>
In the meantime is a sponge period good or bad news and how would I control?
<That this Poriferan has arisen there (not brought in from the wild as large) is generally indicative of it being innocuous... I would leave in place and enjoy. Bob Fenner>

Re: Algae... likely spg ID      11/21/14
Hi Bob
My USB microscope arrived today and I took the attached picture of a piece of this that I removed from the tank. Not sure if the picture is good enough to confirm your thoughts?
Regards Rob
<Mmm; need a bigger file; and more focus... Do please send along. This does look more like a sponge though.
Bob Fenner>

Re: Algae     11/21/14
<These are bunk as well... NEED pix of cells as in 400 power. B>
Hi BobI have taken these. Not sure any better - may have gone too low spec on the microscope Regards Rob

Please help me ID these     9/28/14
I found these creatures living all over the walls in the drain chamber of my sump. At first I thought were pods, but after a closer look, I'm nor sure. I wanted to ID them to assure they are not a threat. I found
similar pictures online, but I'm not sure.
<Scypha sponge. Commonly referred to as Q-tip or pineapple sponge. Harmless filter feeders.>
Thank you very much,
<Quite welcome.>

Sharing 1 photo with Fish Bowl Photo. Spg. id      4/18/14
This started "growing" on the back of the rock that my mushroom coral are on. It stated a coyote of weeks ago with just a few "tentacles". It now covers an area about the size of a quarter. Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can provide!
<Is almost certainly a Sponge/Poriferan... not problematical. Actually indicative of good conditions here. Bob Fenner>
Photos shared with Fish Bowl Photo.

Re: Sharing 1 photo with Fish Bowl Photo.     4/18/14
That is awesome news! We are fairly new to reef tanks/live rock. Loving
every minute of it. I really appreciate your help in solving this mystery!
Thank You
<Certainly welcome. BobF>

Little White Dust Bunnies     3/8/14
Hi! I was hoping you could help me identify what is growing on the inside of my overflow box. They like little white dust bunnies. They attach to the glass & tubes and seem to be hairy as they wave with the water motion.
Please see the attached photos. This is on a 200 gallon fish only Salt water tank. -Ron
<Ah, almost assuredly these are Syconoid sponges... see WWM re. Harmless.
Bob Fenner>

Name of this hard coral?    2/24/14
Hello there!
I live in Tulum, Mexico. Me and a friend came across this hard coral we had never seen before. (photo attached).  It was in the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka'an. We would like to know the name of it.
Thank you heaps!
<Mmm; this isn't a coral, Cnidarian period; but a sponge... a Poriferan.
Bob Fenner>

What is this?!   11/2/13
I haven't been able to get any answers from my local marine aquarium store.
My tank was set up by them 3 weeks ago.
There is a tiny brittle star "hitchhiker" who seems to like living in it though!
Is this white stuff good or bad?!
<More of the former... it's a sponge>
I'm new at reefing.  (I've been reading & dreaming of having a salt water tank for years.  I don't want to advance to anything bigger before I understand the science and how to care for everything first.
So, I have a "training" tank.  It's only a 9 gallon Eheim.
Please help with my question about the white web!
Marygenia Fox
<See WWM re; including compatibility. Bob Fenner>

Reef Tank Growth   7/30/13
I've got this weird stuff growing in my tank. It is clearish/whitish.
Looks like a bean sprout but is spiky and it seems to be branching out.
I have attached some photos.
<Mmm, yes>
You will notice the larger patches of this stuff is far less detailed but that is because there is sand and dirt covering it.
I should mention that this stuff is growing in the back chambers of my Biocube 29 where there is minimal to no light.
<A good clue>
 I am running Purigen &
Carbon & Poly-Fil & Phos-Guard (although i suspect the PhosGuard is expired)
<I wouldn't replace it>
Also, I have been dealing with very high Nitrates due to no skimmer, overfeeding, & only 3-4g water changed biweekly. BTW: I have seen the error
of my ways and am trying to make things right again.
Thanks for your help!
<This is most likely principally Porifera; sponges. See WWM re their ID.
Bob Fenner>

Unknown something in marine aquarium!     7/24/13
Hi, thanks for providing such a useful site, I've always managed to answer all my questions from it until now!
The item in the pic below has been steadily growing for a month or two now.
I don't think it is of plant origin. It is attached to the live rock but separate from the yellow polyps. There are three individual pieces and they look like they're going to break off soon as they grow longer. 
Thanks for your help
<Re? Look to be some sort of amorphous sponge/Poriferan. No worries; I'd leave as is... indicative of "good circumstances" in the system. Bob Fenner>

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