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FAQs on Sponge Identification 11

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Mystery stuff growing in my established marine tank -- 02/01/09
Hi, I tried to search through all I could at your sight and didn't come across anything I could find that would describe what this is in my tank. I attached 3 pictures, 2 of the one and 1 of the other. Here is what I have:
1.This white, almost leather looking stuff that has LONG stringy, root looking things growing all off it and around it. Doesn't seem to move. I took really great pictures so someone could help. I have this same white or off white leather looking globs on other rocks but the stringy stuff isn't growing there...all is gathered in the area you see in the picture.
<This is a sponge... a Poriferan... See WWM re... not deleterious>
2.The second question is this cotton ball looking growth, it actually reminds me of a dandy lion after you blow the stuff off of it. Its round in shape with short spike things all around it. Doesn't move either. The rock in the tank has been in my tank for years and these things are just now showing up. I can't think of any reason for the changes at all.
<Mmm, how large is this? It looks like an Urchin of some sort... may not move much... also not harmful...>
Any help to point me in the right direction would be awesome! Thanks! Leann
<Enjoy them! The sponge can be "cut back", the "Urchin" removed entirely if they bother you. Bob Fenner>

Re: Mystery stuff growing in my established marine tank 2/1/09
Thanks! As far as size to the cotton ball, spiky looking things I sent a picture of, its about the size of a paint ball....it doesn't ever move, I re-attached the picture just in case you still didn't have it. Are there growths on tanks that look like that?

FWIW, I think it's just a sponge... - Sara M.

<Mmm, yes... Am changing my guess to another Sponge. BobF>

Maybe a sponge? 01/18/09
Hello, I saw this thing growing in my 55gal reef tank about a month ago.
Appears to be some kind of sponge, but I was hoping to get an opinion. It's light gray and has a soft/spongy texture. Has a very strange pattern and a distinct hole in the middle of it. It's about the size of a nickel. Any ideas?
<If there's only one main hole, yes, I'd say it's likely a sponge. If there are two holes, then it might be a tunicate.>
Thanks so much,
<De nada,
Sara M.>

Is it a sponge? 12/16/08 Hi Crew, <Hello Peg.> I have read all of your postings on sponges, but have not seen this yellow critter that is growing on my live rock either in the article pictures or sponge ID FAQs. I think it's a sponge, although I can't see any mouths. It kind of looks and feels like yellow stringy cottage cheese and it is spreading. I tried to get the best close-up I could. <From description and picture I think this is a sponge. Sponges come in many shapes, can be soft or solid, hey'¦ they are entire phylum. Their osculum (mouth) is not always as obvious as shown in morphological sketches, but I guess when you look exactly at your sponge, each of the small longitudinal structures I see on the picture might possess a small one on the top.> Thank you for your help. Your site has helped me prevent and solve many problems with my reef tanks. Peg <Thank you for your kind words. Marco.> Is

Re: Is it a sponge? From 12/15/08 01/20/09 Hi Crew and Marco again, <Hello Peg.> I found this sponge photo on http://www.wetwebmedia.com/spongesysfaqs.htm , posted just prior to 8/16/05, and it looks exactly like mine (OK, this is a closer, clearer pix than mine), so you were right, Marco, it is a sponge. (If you look long enough on WetWebMedia you'll find what you're looking for, just maybe not in the place you think it should be!) <Hmm, you found it on the page about sponge systems, I think that's quite an adequate place.> So makes sense because my sponge is growing on live rock from FL. Also this sponge pix is from near my hometown of Wabasso, FL, next to Sebastian, FL. I learned to dive in the Sebastian Inlet as a young kidlet. Anyway just thought I'd do a follow-up when I found this photo! Thanks for all your hard work! Peg <Thank you for your kind update and the pictures. Marco.>


Hi, Sponge ID 12/4/08
<Hello Alma>
Good Day!!
I am Maria Alma Quiao, a graduate student of Iligan Institute of Technology- Mindanao State University, Iligan City, Philippines.
I am amazed to find a website like yours that showcase the marine riches. I came to be interested in your site since I am in study on marine sponges. If it would be possible of you can look up the sponge attach to this message. We really need your help.
That would mean so much if somehow you can do preliminary identification of such sponge, if possible...just something to start with on this research journey. The pictures came from the same sponge. Hoping for your help.
Thank you so much.
<Other than to concur with you that this is indeed a sponge, I cannot identify it to even family level. I would look about on the Net a bit more, seek out a University level investigator, perhaps a professor/lecturer who deals directly in Poriferan taxonomy here. Bob Fenner>

20gal Nano Reef/Sponge ID 11/21/2008 Good day Scott V/WWM Crew, <Hello Adriel, Mich here.> Thanks for all your help!!! <On behalf of Bob and the crew, you are welcome.> I have a couple more questions. I've enclosed a picture of a sponge (I don't know what kind it is) just purchased recently. <Very few sponges can be positively identified without examining the internal skeletal structures. Sponges like yours are typically quite challenging to keep alive.> The sponge is the only livestock (apart from a purple tang from my 150gal FO). <Oh, I'm hoping you don't plan on keeping the Purple Tang in the 20 gallon for anything other than temporary quarantine.> I was wondering if the sponge would be better off in a separate 25 gal that houses only Tubastrea? <The problem with sponges is, they can die and take out the other inhabitants of the tank with them.> Is any light required at all? <Not typically.> Would placing it in a well lit sump/refugium (150w MH 5200k) of a FOWLR be a better option? <Better be placed in the dark in a high nutrient environment, again, sponges are often very difficult to keep sustained in the home aquarium.> Thanks for any help that you can offer, <Hope this is helpful.> Adriel <Mich>

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