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FAQs on Sponge Identification 5

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Are these sponges? 7/1/07 Hi James, <Hi Jon> It's been almost 7 months since my last letter. How are you my mentor? Hope everything is well. <Everything is fine here, Jon.> As usual, I'll start with the story where we both left off'¦J My tank is a little over a year now (including the two month 'cycling period') and is doing great. I have been seeing new things. New snails - not bought, just popped up out of nowhere (hopefully not a pest). It is like Christmas every month where Santa's been giving me freebees here and there. <Is interesting, yes?> Those that came to life that I was able to positively identify were some button polyp and zoo's. My Cerith snails started laying eggs too. <Ah, more freebees.> Other creatures in my tank that I have identified so far. Spirorbid worms -- I got thousands. From the rocks, glass, pipes, sump and refugium. Even my protein skimmer has them (a pain to remove them in there). Bonellid Echiuran Worm. Very hard to spot. Spionid Worm. Peanut Worm. Stomatella Snail Keyhole Limpets Chitons Collonista amakusaensis snail Amphipods, Copepods, and Isopods Scypha sponge and lots of bristle worms that I control via weekly water changes, refugium, and efficient protein skimming. As far as I could see, none is longer than 2 inches though. So my question starts here. Can you help me ID these creatures in my tank? I am almost sure these are sponges based on the pictures and researches I have done on your website. But same as any newbie here, I have to ask. Please refer to attached photos (P1000646 to P1000676). <Jon, do resize these photos to a couple hundred KB and resend, takes much too long to open them, especially with my modem.> My "purchased" corals were still the same since the last time I wrote you. two Acropora (birds nest and green) Two Frogspawn. Moreover, these frogspawn split into 4 stems already <Great> Yellow leather which has gone bigger. xenia And green mushrooms. I didn't purchase nor add anymore corals because I am afraid it might create some imbalances (a scared newbie) for the sponges to thrive in. I realize that these inverts are quite difficult to maintain. I am a little apprehensive of doing something stupid in my tank. I don't want to loose these inverts (if they are indeed sponges) that has continue to spread in my tank. Upon your advice, I let go of my craving for a Copperband Butterfly fish. I tried a Blue Hippo Tang instead. He grew from about 1.5" to 2.0' in just about two months (1 month in quarantine tank and 1 month in display tank). He is now about 3 inches long. Oh boy, if my fish only knew that there will be a bigger tank for them. And speaking of a new tank, I have already started laying out the plan for my next reef tank. A 7'x3.5'x2' custom made tank which will go hand in hand with the remodeling of my house. This will be by June 2009. I feel I am now ready for a bigger tank thanks to heaven sent people like you, God's noblest gift to a newbie reef enthusiast like me J. This tank, btw, is going to be SPS dominated with a few LPS and Softies. <Sounds good.> Another question. I have taken some keen interest on a Blue Jaw Trigger and for Lyretail and/or Bartlett 's Anthias. I was thinking of 3 Anthias. A male with 2 females. Come to think of it, these types of fish are so lucky they are not part of the human race. If they were in the human world; one male with two females is a recipe for frequent court hearings (LOL). Do you think the Anthias and the trigger fish will co-exist with the current fishes (please refer to attached photos - P1000681 to P1000690) I have for my 2009 bigger tank? And no, you might ask...LOL. These new fishes are for my upgrade tank and not for my current tank. My skimmer is already working overtime taking a cup full of waste everyday. And before I forget, I also have a green mandarin that has gotten fat and big (about 3 inches long) from eating pods in my tank. Like I have said before in my previous letters, my tank is loaded with it. In fact I mean to ask you if there is such a thing as 'plague proportions' when it comes to pods? I mean they are everywhere -- sand, rocks, protein skimmer collection cup, you name it. <A great natural food source, no need to worry about plague proportions.> Lastly, and I know it is too early but it is better to plan when one still has time. How do I correctly/properly transfer my live rock with sponges (if they are indeed sponges) to my bigger tank? <Once the new tank has cycled, just simply transfer. Do ensure parameters are equal, such as pH, SG, etc. Do resize and resend the photos, and I will try to ID them for you.> Thanks James and again more power. <You're welcome, James (Salty Dog)> Until next time. Jon Glorioso

Re: Are These Sponges? 7/3/07 James, Resending photos. Thank you so much James. Jon <Thank you for resending, and yes, these are sponges. Keeping in mind I'm no expert at sponges and since there are over 5000 known species...well. The descriptions that follow below are my educated guesses, Bob, please correct if I'm incorrect in some of the ID's. OK, photo 646, a Clathrina species, 648, Haliclona, 649, pic isn't clear enough, 657, again quite possibly a Haliclona species, 659, a Sycon species, 661, Haliclona, 664, possible a Chondrilla species, 665, no guess, 669, Chondrila species, and 676, not real clear and/or unknown to me. As for the two Coral Banded Shrimp you mentioned, do make sure they are a mated pair or more than likely fighting and death to one will occur. As for the triggerfish...would not place one in a reef tank. Too destructive and doesn't fit in with the rest of your crew and the shrimp would be a tasty snack. I was hoping you would resend the entire message as I deleted the original in error, but I believe I've answered your questions. If I missed one, my apologies and do resend. Your tank looks well maintained and very healthy. James (Salty Dog)>

Poriferans? Yep. RMF

White Sponge or Cocoon? - 6/2/07 Hi there WWM crew! <Hi there, Debbie!> I had a quick question about this white thing that is growing rapidly in my 24g Nano (see attached picture). I think it is a sponge, <You're right!> but it kind of looks like a cocoon of some sort. <It does, doesn't it?> If it is a sponge, it is not a pretty, colorful one like I've read about online and in your book! :-( <Awww, that's okay little sponge, I think you're pretty!> Even so, should I just let it be, or will it continue it's meteoric growth and take over my tank? <No worries, I'd leave it and enjoy it. However, if it concerns you, you could carefully scrape it off the glass (keeping it whole) and remove it immediately from the tank. If you have something like a Python to suction it out, that would be even better. Please see more information on sponges starting here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/sponges.htm > Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!! :-) -Debbie
<You're very welcome! --Lynn>

Green Star Polyps and unidentified?  5/30/07 I have attached pictures of some Green Star Polyps I bought in February. They are doing really well with the exception of one area which has something growing that I can't identify. This area was covered with the polyps when I bought it but they have gradually disintegrated wherever they touch this unidentified thing. <Are being out-competed for space, likely chemically by the apparent sponge colony> It is greenish gray and wraps around the tip of the rock. My research leads me to suspect that it is some kind of sponge <Agreed> (possibly chicken liver sponge) but wanted an expert opinion of what it is and what I should do about it, if anything. I have searched the internet and your website but couldn't find a picture or description that convinced me what it is for sure. Thank you for your help. Kristen Lourenco <Mmm, you could try removing it/this... via a siphon, while you're scraping at it... to prevent further negative interaction... I would avoid removing the rock/Polyp colony to the air if it were mine. Bob Fenner>

Weird White Pod or sack on tank - looks like something that was attached to Alien Or Syconoid sponges   5/18/07 <Greetings Earthlings!> Well, we have been up and running almost 16 weeks now.  I just posted the pics at http://www.mmrcsl.org/fish <I see, a nice record to have.> I'm having an identity crisis!!! <Dissociative Identity Disorder, shades of Sybil or Dissociative Fugue, shades of Agatha Christie?> About 3 weeks ago I noticed the Gracilaria in my refugium was no longer growing.   <OK.> Is it possible that running a poly filter all the time is starving it?   <Mmm, I would be more concerned about other issues such as circulation, is the algae tumbling, getting enough light?  More here and many related links in blue: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/redalgpropfaqs.htm > Anyway, attached are 3 pics. I see quite a few of these growing in the refugium on the inlet side probably 15 or so, but I don't even know what to begin with for search criteria as to their identity, of course white spot and white pod are really bad search criteria. <Heeeheeeee!  Vague.. wait, no more vague!  Close to 2000 hit combined on WWM alone!  Looks like harmless Syconoid sponges to me.> Enjoy the pics at the address above, if you have the time.   <Thank you for sharing!> As always I appreciate your help!!   <A pleasure to assist!> Oh and for some perspective, these guys range in size from tiny booger <Niceee description!> to real small pea.... actually 2/3 of a small pea! <Are you sure 2/3 of a small pea, and not 3/5 or 9/16?  Perhaps the size of a lentil?  Hee!  Mich>

Re: Weird White Pod or Sack on Tank - Looks Like Something That Was Attached to Alien Or Syconoid Sponges Identity Crisis - Dying Gracilaria  -- 5/19/07 <Hello Earthling, now called Dan, Mich with you again.> Hmmm, I think the problem is one in the same Mich.  More in depth look in the fuge.  This pod seems to turn into a two antennae white slug. <Mmm, nope!  You have two different creatures here.  Sea Slugs and Syconoid sponges> I've seen two crawling in the fuge...very small & they appeared white. <These Sea Slugs look to be of the order Sacoglossa or Sap-Sucking slugs which feed mainly on algae.  Likely they are part of the genus Elysia.  More here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/seaslugsopisthobranchs.htm > This one in the pic was in the tank... not so white. <Perhaps greenish?> Also is a pic of what I would call a bunch of Pupa entwined in the Gracilaria. <Nope, still Syconoid sponges.> Thanks with the help. <Welcome!> Man I am scratch'n for an answer...   <I won't ask where...> with out the Gracilaria, my nitrates are beginning to rise. <Gracilaria can be a challenge to grow.  If it's growing sponges, it's not tumbling enough.> I could put Chaeto in there but would that be fuel for these things as well? <No, but Chaeto or Caulerpa may be a better food source for the slugs which can be difficult to keep in captivity.  Mich> DanH Picture Too Large!  5/18/07 <Please return with a smaller picture attached.  This one is overloading out bandwidth.  Thanks, WWM Crew> <No worries.>

Orange Sponge ID... Tree Sponge   03/23/07 Hi Crew, <Hi Marti, Mich here.> I searched WetWebMedia to ID this orange branching sponge that came with some live rock that I recently purchased (see attached photo), but only found a couple references to what I think might be a Ptilocaulis species? <Identification of most sponges is very difficult without the microscopic examination of mineralized internal skeletal structures called spicules.  Generally this would be referred to as a tree sponge.  That's about as good as it gets.> Right now I have it in my QT, where there is only a Fluval 304 canister filter and 2 fluorescent lights (not HO), with one small powerhead and a heater.  Temp is 78, pH 8.3. Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates are all 0. Calcium around 480. I didn't want to put it in the main tank for fear of it "crashing" my system if it dies. <Wise.  Have experienced, not fun.> Also, it might be better off without the protein skimmer I have in the main tank, if all I have read is correct about their need for more nutrients in the water. <Yes> It came well packed, without any air in the bag. I unloaded it into the QT underwater, and was careful not to expose it to any air. It now looks like there are tiny pores opening up on the surface of it, which I think must be a good sign. <Yes, very!> So I have two questions. 1.) Can I feed it with live phytoplankton to keep it alive? <Depends if that is it's food source, for many nutrition comes in the form of bacterial aggregates.  A deep sand bed may help here.> 2.) Does this look like a "healthy" specimen to you? <Yes> Do I have a chance at keeping it in my main tank <I would advise against.  Likely there is too much light in your main system and trust me a dying sponge can do a lot of damage and take a lot with it.> (OK, that's three questions, but I thought I'd sneak it in anyway.) <Hee!  Nobody's counting... well except maybe you!> Thanks so much for all your help. <Welcome!> I don't think I could ever be in this hobby without the safety net of WWM! <My feelings exactly!> Best <And to you,  Mich>

Unknown Sponge 12/29/06 <Hello Sue> Yesterday, I noticed this foamy white life form on the bottom of a piece of live rock that has been in my tank for six months now. I had never seen it before, but thought that it might be a form of sponge.  Today, while checking out my tank, I noticed that it had extended itself from beneath its rock onto a neighboring one in a more lighted area.  Furthermore, it appeared to have a spiral shaped appendage flapping from its side.  In less than three minutes, during the time that I went to get my camera, this life form had withdrawn to its shady area.  I was wondering if someone there could help me identify this life form and could help me know if it is dangerous.  I have not added anything new in my tank (with the exception of two emerald green crabs) for two months now.  At that time, I added five pounds of live rock that I had cured for a month.  Is it possible that this life form came in on that? <Yes, very possible.  The sponge in your photo appears to be a Clathrina type sponge, commonly known as the Leather Latticework Sponge.  They are a filter feeder that take in dissolved organic matter and do not require supplemental feeding.  They do not like bright light, generally growing on the undersides of live rock, and it is reef safe.> Thanks in advance for your help. <You're welcome.  James (Salty Dog)>
Sue in Houston

Aging Tap Water and creature ID   9/26/06 Hello all, <And to you> After filling my 30 Gallon Brute with Tap water should the lid be left on, off or partially covered to allow the dissipation of the chemicals the city uses to treat the water? <Of small matter... if not much risk of stuff "getting in", I'd leave askew> There is a power head and heater in there and I have both fresh and salt tanks so I do not add salt right away. I let it stand for 5-7 days before using for fresh than add salt to the remaining for another 3-5 days. <Good practice, protocol> Also any idea on what this creature is? I am guessing it is a sponge of some sort. <Me too> The clear "straw" coming out of it is definitely neat. There are several and they are the size of an m&m. Thanks,
<Yummy! Bob Fenner>

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