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FAQs on Sponge Identification 19

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strange bags of something      5/20/17
Dear Wet Web Media, I hope you can help me identify whatever these bags are attached to a rock in my saltwater aquarium. I would like to know if they are bad stuff so I can remove them before anything comes out. I am mystified.
<These are sponges, Poriferans; no worries. Bob Fenner>

Id please?      10/31/16
Hi, can you please id this white substance? I thought maybe a type of sponge but could not find it on your site. Thanks! Liana
<This is almost assuredly sponge/Poriferan material. To extents, assurance of good system conditions here. Bob Fenner>

Brown Growth Under and Around Zoanthids    12/25/15
Hello crew at WWM,
<Hey Jas>
I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!
<And to you and yours>
In the attached
photo, I’m trying to identify the substance that is spreading on the rocks near the Zoanthid in the middle of the picture. It is brown, translucent and looks like it has tubes with open holes in spots.
<Yes; my first guess is that this is a sponge of some sort. Second would be an encrusting brown algae (like Ralfsia); third... oh, I see you mention this below>
It has spread to some surrounding rocks and has grown on top of some green macro strands that are attached to the rocks. I am thinking some kind of Tunicate or Sea Squirt but all the pictures I have seen look more defined than what I have. I have also considered some type of Sponge or even Cyano but I don’t think a Sponge
would be so see through and I think that Cyano would be elsewhere in the tank and would look more slimy.
<The only real way to tell here is to cut a piece off, look under a microscope... use a reference. Not likely harmful... and will die back given conditions that favor other life here>
Could it be somehow related to the Zoanthid being they are the same color?
<Mmm; not likely>
On a side note does the polyp on the white frag plug in the bottom left of the picture look like Corynactis or Pseudocorynactis?
<Possibly the latter>
It’s hard to see but it has a reddish base, clear tentacles, and white balls on the tips.
Thanks in advance for all your help and for the great service ya’ll provide in answering questions and giving sound advice with all our aquatic needs. It is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Jason
<Cheers! Bob Fenner>

Re: Brown Growth Under and Around Zoanthids    12/25/15
Bob, Thanks for the quick reply especially since it's Christmas Eve.
<Heeee! Done shopping, and cooking!>
Re: Brown Growth Under and Around Zoanthids    12/25/15
Since you think it's probably harmless, whatever it is, I'll just enjoy what I have. I don't readily have access to a microscope or I would love to cut a slice and look underneath one. Jason
<Oh! Do look into the QX series 'scopes.... think they're still about: Amazon?
Yikes; just looked. There's a BUNCH!
Here's the one I have/use: http://www.amazon.com/ThinkGeek-P510002-Digital-Blue-Microscope/dp/B000059TF3
Re: Brown Growth Under and Around Zoanthids    12/25/15

Thanks again Bob, Thanks for the link. I like that it is blue and that you can hook it up to a PC.
<Yeah; and it has two light sources..... AND you can remove the optical bit and place it where you want!!!>
Maybe I can talk my wife into getting it for me. Once again have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Jason
<And you and yours Jas. B>

Mystery Sponge ball    12/12/15
Hello! Just gotta say your pages have helped me ID at least 20 critters in my tank, but this one finally has me stumped. I picked it up at a LFS, which believes it was collected in south Florida.
<Ah yes; both sponges are from there>
I've spent probably 6 hours last night going through species pages and your website to try to ID it, with no luck. There are two sponges pictured, but mostly interested in the one with the large visible oscules. I just cant find a sponge that has oscules like that, but is still an amorphous blob like this thing is.
That's the only part of the sponge with those oscules as well. I guess my biggest question is.. is this one of those sponges that if it dies it'll poison everything in my tank?
<Mmm; no; on the lower end of the scale here... to Nudibranchs a bit; but I doubt you stock these>
It's growing pretty fast and I'm concerned it could deplete it's food source in my reef tank (only 30g).
<Don't think the latter is likely (I would def. keep all here); oh, and my guess on the ball sponge is that it's an Aplysina species. Bob Fenner>

Re: Mysterious Life Form      12/13/15
Thank you, gentlemen, for your quick and insightful response.-Bob
<Cheers! The other Bob>

ID; SW         5/6/15
Do you think you can possibly tell me what this is in this picture?? It's growing all over some live rock that I bought a couple weeks ago, it seems to start out as a maroon colored spot and gets bigger and turns into these.
Is it some sort of sponge?
<Likely a sponge; yes. Next much less likely guess is some sort of Red Algae (Rhodophyte); either are fine; indicative of good conditions. Bob Fenner>

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