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FAQs about the Crustacean Diseases of Clownfishes

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Parasite on ocellaris?   3/18/13
Can you help me Id the rider on my ocellaris?  It looks like an isopod,
<It is indeed>
 but I've never had a problem before but just added pods from a reputable company on Thursday and today I found this.  They said they have never had an issue before.  The ocellaris have been in the tank over a month and were fully quarantined before adding to the display.  I can try to get him out but will be hard.  Any guidance would be appreciated.
<Easy to remedy... I'd likely catch/net the Clown and remove the one via forceps, or twixt your thumb and finger-nail. No other treatment likely necessary. See WWM re Isopods for more. Bob Fenner>

Re: Parasite on ocellaris?   3/18/13
Thanks!  Now for ocellaris hunting....
<Ah, good hunting! BobF>
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