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Freshwater Livestock Articles & FAQs 2:
 Gouramis, Bettas, Cichlids, FW Puffers... Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles

To: Livestock 1: Stocking/Selection, Biotopes, Quarantine, Acclimation. Fishes: Stingrays, Inadvanced Bony Fishes, Eels, Tetras & Their Relatives, Killifishes, Livebearers, Catfishes, Goldfish, Barbs, Danios, Rasboras, Minnow Sharks, Loaches, Misc. Fish Groups
To: Amphibians, Turtles:

Anabantoid Fishes, Gouramis, Bettas...

     Anabantoids/Gouramis and Relatives by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Anabantoids/Gouramis & Relatives 1Anabantoids 2,
FAQs on: Gourami Identification, Gourami Behavior, Gourami Compatibility, Gourami Stocking/Selection, Gourami Systems, Gourami Feeding,
FAQs on Gourami Disease: Gourami Disease 1, Gourami Disease 2, Gourami Disease 3, Gourami Disease 4, Gourami Disease ,
FAQs on Gourami Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic Treatments,
& Gourami Reproduction,

     Anabantoids of the Genera Ctenopoma & Microctenopoma  by Robert Goldstein,
Ctenopoma acutirostre by Adam Jackson,
FAQs on: Genera Ctenopoma & Microctenopoma, 

Genus Colisa

     Dwarf Gouramis, Colisa lalia, of Many Names
FAQs on: Dwarf Gouramis,
FAQs on: Dwarf Gourami Identification, Dwarf Gourami Behavior, Dwarf Gourami Compatibility, Dwarf Gourami Stocking/Selection, Dwarf Gourami Systems, Dwarf Gourami Feeding,
FAQs on Dwarf Gourami Disease: Dwarf Gourami Disease 1, Dwarf Gourami Disease 2, Dwarf Gourami Disease 3, Dwarf Gourami Disease 4, Dwarf Gourami Disease 5, Dwarf Gourami Disease 6, Dwarf Gourami Disease 7, Dwarf Gourami Disease ,

FAQs on Dwarf Gourami Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Genetic, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic, Social, Treatments,  

& Dwarf Gourami Reproduction,

     The Honey (and more) Dwarf Gourami, Trichogaster/Colisa chuna
FAQs on: Honey et al. Colisa chuna Dwarf Gourami,

     Giant, Banded Gouramis, Colisa fasciata & FAQs on: Giant Gouramis,  


Genus Trichogaster


     The Pearl Gourami, Trichogaster leeri, &
FAQs on: Pearl Gouramis,

     Blue, Three-Spot, Gold/en, Opaline, Even Albino! Gouramis, Yes, The Same Species, Trichopodus (Trichogaster) trichopterus
FAQs on: Trichopodus trichopterus, Trichopodus trichopterus 2,
FAQs on: T. trichopterus ID, T. trichopterus Behavior, T. trichopterus Compatibility, T. trichopterus Stocking/Selection, T. trichopterus Systems, T. trichopterus Feeding,
FAQs on Trichogaster Disease: T. trichopterus Disease 1, T. trichopterus Disease 2, T. trichopterus Disease 3, T. trichopterus Disease 4,

FAQs on Trichogaster Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Social, Infectious, Parasitic, Trauma, Treatments

& T. trichopterus Reproduction,

Other Gourami Genera

     Kissing Gouramis, Genus Helostoma, Pink & Green, &
FAQs on: Kissing Gouramis,

     Paradisefish, Macropodus, the Original Tropical, &
FAQs on: Paradisefish,

     Truly Giant, Goramis/Gouramis, genus Osphronemus &
FAQs on: True Goramis,


     Chocolate Gouramis, Genus Sphaerichthys &
FAQs on: Chocolate Gouramis,


     Sparkling, Pygmy Gouramis, genus Trichopsis &

FAQs on: Sparkling, Pygmy Gouramis  


Bettas, Siamese Fighting Fish

New Print and eBook on Amazon

Betta Success


Doing what it takes to keep Bettas healthy long-term

by Robert (Bob) Fenner

     Betta & Goldfish (Keeping) by Judy Helfrich (in the CA Accidental Aquarist series),
Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens by Bob Fenner
Improved (Better?) Products for Bettas! by Bob Fenner,
FAQs on: Betta splendens/Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta ID/Varieties,

Betta Behavior and Husbandry: Linking Betta splendens Aggression with Community Tank Preservation by Lonnie Lindberg,
FAQs on: Betta Behavior 1, Betta Behavior 2, & Betta Compatibility, Betta Compatibility 2, & Betta Stocking/Selection, Betta Feeding,

     Betta Systems... More Than Bowls by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Betta Systems 1,
Betta Systems 2, Betta Systems 3, Betta Systems 4, Betta Systems 5, Betta Systems 6,
FAQs on Betta System: Bowls/Tanks, Heating, Lighting, Filtration, & Water Quality, (See also: Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Nitrogen Cycling), Maintenance,

     Diseases of Bettas, Siamese Fighting Fish by Bob Fenner
FAQs on Betta Disease: Betta Disease 1,
Betta Disease 2Betta Disease 3, Betta Disease 4, Betta Disease 5, Betta Disease 6, Betta Disease 7, Betta Disease 8, Betta Disease 9, Betta Disease 10, Betta Disease 11, Betta Disease 12, Betta Disease 13, Betta Disease 14, Betta Disease 15, Betta Disease 16, Betta Disease 17, Betta Disease 18, Betta Disease 19 & 20, Betta Disease 21, Betta Health 22, Betta Health 23, Betta Health 24, Betta Health 25, Betta Health 26, Betta Health 27, Betta Health 28, Betta Health 29, Betta Health 30, Betta Health 31, Betta Health 32, Betta Health 33, Betta Health 34, Betta Health 35, Betta Health 36, Betta Health 37, Betta Health 38, Betta Health 39, Betta Health ,
FAQs on Betta Disease by Category: Determining/Diagnosing 1, Disease Diagnosing 2, Disease Diagnosing 3, Disease Diagnosing 4, Disease Diagnosing 5, Disease Diagnosing
Environmental 1, Environmental 2,
Environmental 3, Environmental 4, Environmental 5, Environmental , (By far the largest cause), Nutritional, Viral/Cancer/Tumors/Growths, Infectious (Bacterial, Fungal) 1 (Bloat, Dropsy, Pop-Eye, Fin Rot...), Infectious 2, Infectious 3, Infectious 4, Infectious 5, Infectious 6,  Infectious 7, Infectious , & Parasitic (Ich/White Spot, Velvet; Costia ), Senescence/Old Age, Cures/Curatives/Treatments, Trauma, Genetic, Social, Buoyancy,

FAQs on Betta Medicines: Betta Medicines period, Antibiotics/Antibacterials/Anti-Fungals, Anti-Protozoals (Metronidazole, eSHa...), Copper, Formalin, Malachite Green, Anthelminthics, Organophosphates, Salts, All Other Betta Med.s (Mela-non-fix, Quinines...) 

FAQs on: Betta Reproduction, Foods/Feeding Young,         

      Other Genus Betta Species:
Betta rubra, A Fishy Phantom, by Colin Dunlop,

FAQs on: Other Betta Species, Betta Pugnax,













































     Snakeheads, Family Channidae

      The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Snakeheads, By Neale Monks

FAQs on: Snakeheads


Cichlid Fishes

  Cichlids of the World by Bob Fenner,
Central American Cichlids by Neale Monks,
FAQs on Cichlids by Geography: Cichlid Fishes in General, African Cichlids, Dwarf South American Cichlids, Neotropical Cichlids,
FAQs on Cichlid Fishes by Topic: Cichlid Identification, Cichlid Behavior, Cichlid Compatibility, Cichlid Stocking/Selection, Cichlid Systems 1, Cichlid Systems 2, & Cichlid Feeding,
FAQs on Cichlid Disease: Cichlid Disease 1, Cichlid Disease 2, Cichlid Disease 3, Cichlid Disease 4
FAQs on Cichlid Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Social, Pathogenic, Parasitic, Trauma, Treatments

FAQs on Cichlid Reproduction by Group:  Cichlid Reproduction, African Cichlid Reproduction, Neotropical Cichlid Reproduction, Angelfish Reproduction, Discus Reproduction, Ram Reproduction, Flowerhorn Reproduction, Oscar Reproduction, Severum Reproduction,  

African Cichlids

African Cichlids
FAQs on: African Cichlids, & African Cichlid ID 1, African Cichlid ID 2, African Cichlid ID 3, African Cichlid ID 4, African Cichlid ID 5, African Cichlid ID 6, African Cichlid ID 7, African Cichlid ID 8, African Cichlid ID 9, African Cichlid ID ,
FAQs on: African Cichlid Behavior, African Cichlid Compatibility 1, African Cichlid Compatibility 2, & African Cichlid Stocking/Selection,
FAQs on African Cichlid Systems: African Cichlid Systems 1, African Cichlid Systems 2, Malawi Cichlid Systems, Tanganyikan Systems, Rift Valley Salt Mix, & African Cichlid Feeding,

FAQs on African Cichlid Disease:
African Cichlid Disease 1, African Cichlid Disease 2, African Cichlid Disease 3, African Cichlid Disease 4, African Cichlid Disease 5, African Cichlid Disease 6, African Cichlid Disease 7, African Cichlid Disease 8, African Cichlid Disease 9, African Cichlid Disease 10, African Cichlid Disease 11, African Cichlid Disease 12, African Cichlid Disease ,
FAQs on African Cichlid Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on African Cichlid Reproduction/Breeding:
African Cichlid Reproduction, African Cichlid Reproduction 2,

  Regional Acct.s

  Malawian Cichlids: The Mbuna and their Allies by Neale Monks,
  Dwarf Mbuna by Mary Bailey,
  Stocking Lake Malawi Community Tanks by Mary Bailey,
  Malawi Peacocks, The Genus Aulonocara by Mary Bailey,
  The Blue Followers: the Placidochromis of Lake Malawi by Daniella Rizzo, 
FAQs on: Malawi Cichlid Systems,               

Rift Valley Cichlids: Talking Tanganyikans by Neale Monks,
Shell-Dwellers, the shell-dwelling Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika
by Daniela Rizzo,
FAQs on: Tanganyikan Systems,

        Looking at Lake Victoria Cichlids by Daniella Rizzo,        


  By Genera, Species:

           Altolamprologus, Shell-dwellers
FAQs on:
Altolamprologus, Shell-dwellers,  

          Aulonocaras, Peacock Cichlids,
FAQs on: Aulonocaras, Peacock Cichlids,

        Cyprichromis & FAQs on: Cyprichromis,  

        Cyphotilapia & FAQs on: Frontosas,  


        Cyrtocara & FAQs on Cyrtocara (moorii et al.)

           Haplochromis burtoni: New From the Past, By Daniela Rizzo 


           Hemichromis, Jewel Cichlids &
FAQs on:
Jewel Cichlids,

           Julidochromis by Mary Bailey, Julidochromis, J. regani "Sumbu" by Chuck Rambo,
FAQs on: Julidochromis, J. regani,

           Labeotropheus &
FAQs on: Labeotropheus,  


           Labidochromis &
FAQs on: Labidochromis,  


           Lamprologus &
FAQs on: Lamprologus 

           Neolamprologus daffodil By Chuck Rambo
FAQs on:

        The Blue Followers: the Placidochromis of Lake Malawi by Daniella Rizzo       

       African Cichlids from Other Lakes and Rivers:     

           Kribs & Their Cousins By Neale Monks &
FAQs on: Pelmatochromis/Pelvicachromis,

           Protomelas, Empress Cichlids,
FAQs on: Protomelas, Empress Cichlids 


           Pseudocrenilabrus: Miniature Mouthbrooders With Attitude! by Neale Monks

           Pseudotropheus, present, former and mislabeled,
FAQs on: Pseudotropheus Cichlids,  

           Tilapiine, Sarotherdon Cichlids
FAQs on: Tilapiine, Oreochromis, Sarotherodon Cichlids,

           Tropheus Cichlids,
FAQs on: Tropheus Cichlids,  

      The Asian Cichlids Called Chromides
FAQs on: The Asian Cichlids called Chromides

North, South, Central American Cichlids

  Neotropical Cichlids (North, Central and South American...Oscars, Severums, Convicts...), Central American Cichlids by Neale Monks,

FAQs on: Neotropical Cichlids, Neotropical Cichlids 2, Neotropical Cichlids 3,

FAQs on: Neotropical Cichlid Identification, Neotropical Cichlid Behavior, Neotropical Cichlid Compatibility, Neotropical Cichlid Stocking/Selection, Neotropical Cichlid Systems, Neotropical Cichlid Feeding,


FAQs on Neotropical Cichlid Disease: Neotropical Cichlid Disease 1, Neotropical Cichlid Disease 2, Neotropical Cichlid Disease 3, Neotropical Cichlid Disease 4, Neotropical Cichlid Disease , Angelfish Disease 1, Convict Disease, Discus Disease, Ram Disease, Flowerhorn Disease 1, Jack Dempsey Disease, Oscar Disease/Health, Parrot Cichlid Health 1, Red Devils Health,

FAQs on Neotropical Cichlid Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Social, Genetic, Infectious, Parasitic, Treatments


FAQs on: Neotropical Cichlid Reproduction: Neotropical Cichlid Reproduction, Angelfish Reproduction, Discus Reproduction, Ram Reproduction, Flowerhorn Reproduction, Oscar Reproduction, Severum Reproduction,       


Freshwater Angelfishes; Genus Pterophyllum


        The Fishes We Call Angels by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Angels 1, Angels 2, Wild Angels (P. altum)

FAQs on: Angelfish Identification Angelfish Behavior, Angelfish Compatibility 1,

Angelfish Comp. 2, Angelfish Comp. 3, Angelfish Comp. 4, Angelfish Comp. , & Angelfish Stocking/Selection, Angelfish Systems, Angelfish Feeding,

FAQs on Angelfish Disease:

Angelfish Disease 1, Freshwater Angel Disease 2, FW Angel Disease 3, FW Angel Health 4, FW Angel Health 5, FW Angel Health 6, FW Angel Health 7, FW Angel Health 8, FW Angel Health 9, FW Angel Health 10, FW Angel Health 11, FW Angel Health 12, FW Angel Health ,

FAQs on Angelfish Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Hexamita, Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on Angelfish Reproduction/Breeding: Angelfish Reproduction, Angelfish Repro. 2, Angelfish Repro. 3, Angelfish Repro. 4, Angelfish Repro. ,

        Convict (Pink/Congos and Not) Cichlids
FAQs on:
Convict Cichlids, Convicts 2,

FAQs on: Convict Identification, Convict Behavior, Convict Compatibility, Convict Stocking/Selection, Convict Systems, Convict Feeding, Convict Disease, Convict Reproduction,

Discus, Genus Symphysodon


The Cichlids Which Are Discus by Bob Fenner, Plants + Discus = Wow! by Alesia Benedict, Planted Aquariums: Plants and Discus: What They Need To Thrive  By Alesia Benedict, Discus Divas, Glitz, Glam and Lots of Demands by Alesia Benedict,  
FAQs on: Discus, Discus 2,
FAQs on:
Discus Identification, Discus Behavior, Discus Compatibility, Discus Stocking/Selection, Discus Systems, Discus Feeding,


FAQs on Discus Disease: Discus Disease 1, Discus Disease 2, Discus Disease 3,

FAQs on Discus Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Social, Infectious, Parasitic, Trauma, Treatments  

& Discus Reproduction,



Dwarf S. American Cichlids


Dwarf South American Cichlids
FAQs on:
Dwarf South American Cichlids, Bolivian Rams, Cockatoos, Macmasteri, Nannacaras,

           Rams, Microgeophagus ramirezi by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Rams 1,
FAQs on:
Ram Identification, Ram Behavior, Ram Compatibility, Ram Stocking/Selection, Ram Systems, Ram Feeding, Ram Disease, Ram Reproduction,

FAQs on:

Festivums, Flag Cichlids by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:


Firemouth Cichlids by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:




Flowerhorns by Ong,
Blood Parrots/Jelly Bean mutants & Flowerhorn Cichlids: maintenance and healthcare of two popular hybrid cichlids by Neale Monks,
CA Editorial: What do you think of Flowerhorn Cichlids?
By Neale Monks,
FAQs on:
Flowerhorns, Flowerhorns 2,
FAQs on: Flowerhorn Identification, Flowerhorn Behavior, Flowerhorn Compatibility, Flowerhorn Stocking/Selection, Flowerhorn Systems, Flowerhorn Feeding, (disease below),


Flowerhorn Health/Disease:

      Why is your Flowerhorn or Parrot Cichlid Sick? by Neale Monks

FAQs on Flowerhorn Health/Disease: Flowerhorn Disease 1, Flowerhorn Disease 2, Flowerhorn Disease 3, Flowerhorn Disease 4, Flowerhorn Disease 5, Flowerhorn Disease ,
FAQs on Flowerhorn Cichlid Disease by Category
: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Trauma, Treatments,

FAQs on Flowerhorn Cichlid Reproduction/Breeding: Flowerhorn Reproduction,


        Green Terrors & FAQs on: Green Terrors,  

        Jack Dempseys
FAQs on: Jack Dempseys 1, Jack Dempseys 2,
FAQs on: Jack Dempsey Identification, Jack Dempsey Behavior, Jack Dempsey Compatibility, Jack Dempsey Stocking/Selection, Jack Dempsey Systems, Jack Dempsey Feeding, Jack Dempsey Disease, Jack Dempsey Reproduction,

        Managuense complex species 



        Oscars, genus Astronotus by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Oscars, Oscars 2, Oscars 3,
FAQs on: Oscar Identification, Oscar Behavior, Oscar Compatibility, Oscar Stocking/Selection, Oscar Systems, Oscar Feeding,  

Keeping Your Oscar/s Healthy by Bob Fenner
FAQs on:
Oscar Disease/Health 1, Oscar Disease 2, Oscar Health 3, Oscar Disease 4, Oscar Disease 5, Oscar Disease 6, Oscar Disease 7, Oscar Disease 8, Oscar Disease 9, Oscar Disease 10, Oscar Disease 11, Oscar Disease 12, Oscar Disease 13, Oscar Disease 14, Oscar Disease 15, Oscar Disease 16, Oscar Disease ,
FAQs on Oscar Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on:  Oscar Reproduction,  


Parrot Cichlids

Parrot ("Jelly Bean") Cichlids & Flowerhorn Cichlids: maintenance and healthcare of two popular hybrid cichlids by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Parrot Cichlids, Parrot Cichlids 2,
FAQs on: Parrot Cichlid Identification, Parrot Cichlid Behavior, Parrot Cichlid Compatibility, Parrot Cichlid Stocking/Selection, Parrot Cichlid Systems, Parrot Cichlid Feeding,

Parrot Disease:  Why is your Flowerhorn or Parrot Cichlid Sick? by Neale Monks
FAQs on Parrot Disease: Parrot Cichlid Health 1, Parrot Cichlid Disease 2, Parrot Cichlid Disease 3, Parrot Cichlid Disease 4, Parrot Cichlid Disease 5, Parrot Cichlid Disease 6, Parrot Cichlid Disease 7, Parrot Cichlid Disease 8, Parrot Cichlid Disease ,
FAQs on Parrot Cichlid Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional (e.g. HLLE), Social, Infectious (Virus, Bacterial, Fungal), Parasitic (Ich, Velvet...), Genetic, Treatments,

FAQs on Parrot Cichlid Reproduction/Breeding: Parrot Cichlid Reproduction,


     Peacock Basses; the Genus Cichla
FAQs on: Peacock Basses/Cichla
     Pike Cichlids, Crenicichla et al. spp.
FAQs on: Pike Cichlids,

       Red Devils, Appropriately Named Fishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Red Devils 1Red Devils 2,
FAQs on: Red Devils Identification, Red Devils Behavior, Red Devils Compatibility, Red Devils Selection, Red Devils Systems, Red Devils Feeding, Red Devils Health, Red Devils Reproduction,


Severums, Golden and Otherwise, by Bob Fenner

FAQs on: Severums,
FAQs on: Severum Identification, Severum Behavior, Severum Compatibility,
Severum Stocking/Selection, Severum Systems, Severum Feeding, Severum Disease 1, Severum Disease , Severum Disease , Severum Disease ,   Severum Reproduction,

        Texas Cichlids by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Texas Cichlids,  

        Uarus, Triangle Cichlids by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Triangle Cichlids,       




























































































Misc. Fresh to Brackish/Marine Fishes:
(Click on this Link for the Brackish Index)


  Freshwater Moray Eels by Marco Lichtenberger, "Freshwater" (Brackish to Marine) Moray Eels, Family Muraenidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater Moray Eels, FW Morays 2,
FAQs on: FW Moray ID, FW Moray Behavior, FW Moray Compatibility, FW Moray Selection, FW Moray Systems, FW Moray Feeding, FW Moray Disease, FW Moray Reproduction,

  Archerfishes, Family Toxotidae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Archerfishes


  Marine, Brackish & Freshwater Catfishes of the Family Ariidae (Silver-tipped, Columbian "Shark") by Bob Fenner;
Colombian Shark Catfishes and other Ariidae by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Brackish Catfishes
FAQs on: Ariid ID, Ariid Behavior, Ariid Compatibility, Ariid Selection, Ariid Systems, Ariid Feeding, Ariid Disease, Ariid Reproduction, Marine Catfishes, Catfishes in General


  "Freshwater Lionfishes" & Kin, Batrachoididae by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: " Freshwater Lions", 


   Freshwater Seahorses? Fresh and Brackish Pipefish: A Challenge For the Advanced Aquarist by Neale Monks,
Freshwater and Brackish  Pipefishes by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Freshwater to Brackish Pipes and Horses


   Fresh and Brackish Water Blennies by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Freshwater and Brackish Blennioids

     Mudskippers, An Introduction for Aquarists by Gianluca Polgar, Mudskippers, Family Periophthalmidae petfish biblio. by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Mudskippers


Gobies/Oids, Fresh to Brackish Water


  Fresh to Brackish Water Gobioids (includes Bumble Bees, Gudgeons, Sleepers, Violet Goby/Eel... by Bob Fenner,
Gobies and Sleepers: The Low-Down On These Quirky Bottom-Dwellers by Neale Monks
FAQs on: Fresh to Brackish GobioidsBumblebee Gobies, Peacock Gudgeons,

    There's a Dragon In My Tank! The bizarre and beautiful Dragon Goby By Jeni C. Tyrell &
FAQs on:
Violet/Dragon Gobies

    Knight Gobies 
FAQs on: Knight Gobies,

    Sleeper Gobies, Gudgeons, family Eleotridae by Bob Fenner &
FAQs on: Sleeper Gobies,

  Glassfishes, Family Ambassidae/Chandidae, Glassfishes: Family Ambassidae  An Introduction to the Amazing Glassfishes By Neale Monks. 
Seeing it through with glassfish; How to succeed with these misunderstood fish By Neale Monks, 
Seems Fishy To Me: The Painted Glassfish  by Spencer Glass, 
FAQs on: Glassfishes

  Sticklebacks, Family Gasterosteidae by Bob Fenner
  Pondfish Profile: Sticklebacks by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: Sticklebacks


Flatfishes... Totally Fresh to Brackish to Marine


 Giving your aquarium some sole: Success with fresh and brackish water flatfish by Neale Monks


     "Freshwater" Flounders, Family Achiridae
FAQs on: " Freshwater" Soles,

     Family Cynoglossidae, Tonguefishes


     Family Soleidae, Soles... Freshwater, Brackish and/or Marine 
FAQs on: Soles

Freshwater and Fresh-Brackish Water Puffers

     Freshwater to Brackish Water Puffers by Bob Fenner, 
Puffed up with pride; New and unusual pufferfish species for the discerning aquarist by Neale Monks,
The Nice Puffer: Colomesus asellus, the South American Puffer by Neale Monks,
Alone But Not Lonely: The Importance of  Keeping Puffers Individually by Damien Wagaman,
Inside the mind of a puffer; Understanding pufferfish behaviour for better pufferfish husbandry by Neale Monks

FAQs on: Freshwater Puffers 1, FW Puffers 2, FW Puffers 3,
FAQs on: FW Puffer Identification, FW Puffer Behavior, FW Puffer Stocking/Selection, FW Puffer Compatibility, FW Puffer Systems, FW Puffer Feeding,


FAQs on: FW Puffer Disease, Small Puffer Dentistry By Jeni Tyrell (aka Pufferpunk) &
Big Pufferfish Dentistry By Kelly Jedlicki and Anthony Calfo &
FAQs on:
Puffer Dentistry,

FAQs on: FW Puffer Reproduction,


     Carinotetraodon travancoricus, Malabar or Dwarf Pufferfish,
Sexing the Dwarf Puffer, Carinotetraodon travancoricus, by Amy Janecek
FAQs on: Dwarf Puffers,

      Fahaka Puffers, Tetraodon lineatus, Huge and Dangerous &
FAQs on:
Fahaka Puffers,

      Mbu for You? Tetraodon mbu, the Mbu Puffer by Stuart Morse 
FAQs on: Mbu Puffers 1, Mbu Puffers 2,
FAQs on: Mbu Puffer Identification, Mbu Puffer Behavior, Mbu Puffer Compatibility, Mbu Puffer Selection/Stocking, Mbu Puffer Systems, Mbu Puffer Feeding, Mbu Puffer Health, Mbu Puffer Reproduction,



Tetraodon miurus, the Congo or Miurus Freshwater Puffer
FAQs on: Miurus Puffers,


FAQs on: Tetraodon schoutedeni, the Congo, Spotted Congo, Leopard Puffer,


      The Pig-Nose or Arrowhead Puffer, Tetraodon suvattii, miraculously malicious by Heather Cooan
FAQs on: Arrowhead Puffers, Dwarf Indian Puffers: ,

The Nice Puffer: Colomesus asellus, the South American Puffer by Neale Monks,
FAQs on: South American Puffers: Colomesus,


Brackish Puffers


        & Brackish Puffers: BR Puffer Identification, BR Puffer Selection, BR Puffer Compatibility, BR Puffer Systems, BR Puffer Feeding, BR Puffer Disease, BR Puffer Disease 2, BR Puffer Reproduction, & Puffers in General, True Puffers


Figure-Eight Puffers, Tetraodon biocellatus
FAQs on: Figure Eight Puffers, Figure Eight Puffers 2,
FAQs on: Figure-Eight Puffer Identification, Figure-Eight Puffer Behavior, Figure-Eight Puffer Compatibility, Figure-Eight Puffer Stocking/Selection, Figure-Eight Puffer Systems, Figure-Eight Puffer Feeding, Figure-Eight Puffer Disease, Figure-Eight Puffer Reproduction, 

Systematic Review:      Green Spotted Puppies, er Puffers by Jeni Tyrell (PufferPunk)
FAQs on: Green Spotted Puffers, GSPs 2, GSP Identification, GSP Behavior, GSP Compatibility, GSP Selection, GSP Systems, GSP Feeding, GSP Disease, GSP Reproduction,














































Freshwater Invertebrates Found & Used in Aquariums: 

Invertebrates for Freshwater Aquariums by Neale Monks,
Not In My Tank! Things To Keep Out of Your Freshwater Aquarium by Neale Monks  
FAQs on: Freshwater Invertebrates/Use in Aquariums, FW Invert.s 2,

     Freshwater Sponges &
FAQs on:
Freshwater Sponges,

     Hydra, Freshwater Cnidarians &
FAQs on:
Hydra and Other FW Cnidaria,

     Freshwater Worms of All Kinds (Platyhelminths (Flukes, Planaria, Tapes and Leeches), Acanthocephalans, Nematodes, Annelids...

Nematodes, Flatworms, Anchor Worms and Other Worm Parasites of Freshwater Fish, Neale Monks
FAQs on: Freshwater Worms 1Freshwater Worms 2,
FAQs on: FW Worm Identification 1, FW Worm ID 2, FW Worm ID 3, FW Worm ID 4, FW Worm ID 5, FW Worm ID , FW Worm Behavior, FW Worm Compatibility/Control, FW Worm Sources/Selection, FW Worm Systems, FW Worm Feeding, FW Worm Disease, FW Worm Reproduction 

FAQs on: Flatworms (e.g. Planaria) Nematodes (Microworms & more!), Earthworms, Whiteworms,
FAQs on: Worms as Foods
FAQs on: Worm Caused Diseases,

          Mono and Di-geneans, Flukes in Freshwater Aquariums & FAQs,

          Leeches, Yuck! In Freshwater Systems &
FAQs on
: Leeches 


Snails, Good, Bad in Freshwater Aquariums by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: FW SnailsFW Snails 2, Brackish Snails,
FAQs on: Freshwater Snail Identification, Freshwater Snail Behavior, Freshwater Snail Compatibility & Control, (By Technique: Predators, Baiting/Removing, Chemicals, ) Freshwater Snail Stocking/Selection, Freshwater Snail Systems, Freshwater Snail Feeding, Freshwater Snail Disease, Freshwater Snail Reproduction/Culture,
FAQs on: Snails by Species: Apple/Baseball Snails, Assassin Snails (Clea spp.), Mystery, Inca/Gold Snails (Pomacea spp.), Freshwater Limpets, Malaysian/Trumpet Snails, Nerite Snails, Physa, Physella spp. (Pond, Tadpole Snails), Ramshorn/Planorbis Snails,
Pond Snails, Tylomelania, plus see below:

          Assassin Snails and Sulawesi Elephant Snails. Keeping Clea (formerly Anentome) helena, and Tylomelania in the Aquarium by Neale Monks, 
FAQs on: Assassin Snails (Clea, formerly Anentome, helena), Sulawesi Elephant Snails (Tylomelania spp.),

          Fresh and Brackish Water Nerites by Neale Monks, 
FAQs on: Nerite Snails,


      Freshwater Bivalves/Clams, Golden Clams, Myths and Facts about these freshwater clams by Justin Pierce,
FAQs on: Freshwater Bivalves, Clams,



Insects (Larvae often mistaken as worms)

Aquatic Insects &
FAQs on Aquatic Insects:
Aquatic Insects 1, Aquatic Insects 2,
Aquatic Insects 3, Aquatic Insects 4, Aquatic Insects , Aquatic Insect Identification, Aquatic Insect Control
FAQs on Aquatic Insects by Group: Beetles, Dragonflies, Flies in General (Caddis, Damsel, Gnats, Midges...), Freshwater Mites, Mosquitos/Mozzies, Spiders, Waterstriders and much more!

Freshwater Crustaceans

Freshwater Crustaceans (Shrimp, Crayfish, "Lobsters", Prawns)
FAQs on: Freshwater Crustaceans for the Aquarium, FW Crustaceans 2, FW Crustaceans 3, FW Crustaceans 4,
FAQs on: FW Crustacean Identification, FW Crustacean Behavior, FW Crustacean Compatibility/Control, FW Crustacean Stocking/Selection, FW Crustacean Systems, FW Crustacean Feeding, FW Crustacean Disease, FW Crustacean Reproduction
FAQs on:
Crustacean Parasitic Diseases (e.g. Anchorworm, Fish Lice),
FAQs on: Small Freshwater Crustaceans: Groups, by Genus: Triops, the Amphipods Which Are Gammarus (Scuds), Cyclops, Branchiopods: Clam, Seed Shrimp (Ostracods), Daphnia (Water Fleas), Fairy Shrimp, Branchinecta

     Freshwater Shrimp... 
FAQs on: Freshwater Shrimp 1Freshwater Shrimp 2
FAQs on: FW Shrimp Identification, FW Shrimp Behavior, FW Shrimp Compatibility, FW Shrimp Stocking/Selection, FW Shrimp Systems, FW Shrimp Feeding, FW Shrimp Disease, FW Shrimp Reproduction,


FAQs on: Shrimp by Family, Genus, Species: Atyids: Genera Caridina & Neocaridina (Cherry, Japanese Marsh, Yamato Numa Ebi, or Amano Shrimp, Bumble/Bee, Crystal), Genus Atyopsis (Bamboo, Wood Shrimps), Genera Attya, Atya, Atyoida (Mountain, Rock Shrimps), Freshwater/Brackish/Marine Palaemonidae Rafinesque, 1815 & FAQs on: Palaemonetes (Ghost/Grass/"Feeder"/Glass Shrimp), Macrobrachium (Long Arm, Blue "Lobsters),


     Crawdads, Crayfish, Ditch Bugs, Craydaddies, Blue Lobsters, Yabbies! For genus Macrobrachium Blue Lobsters see Macrobrachium above,
Crayfish Basics by Justin Pierce,
Forget Crawfish Pie, Let's Make a Crawfish Tank! by Gage Harford
FAQs on: Crayfish 1,
Crayfish 2,
FAQs on: Crayfish ID, Crayfish Behavior, Crayfish Compatibility, Crayfish Stocking/Selection, Crayfish Systems, Crayfish Feeding,
FAQs on Crayfish Disease: Crayfish Disease 1, Crayfish Health 2,
Crayfish Health 3, Crayfish Health 4, Crayfish Health 5, Crayfish Health ,
FAQs on Crayfish Disease by Category: Diagnosis, Environmental, Nutritional, Trauma, Infectious, Parasitic, Social, Treatments

 & Crayfish Reproduction,


     Freshwater Crabs
FAQs on: Freshwater Crabs 1, Freshwater Crabs 2,
FAQs on: FW Crab Identification, FW Crab Behavior, FW Crab Compatibility, FW Crab Stocking/Selection, FW Crab Systems, FW Crab Feeding, FW Crab Disease, FW Crab Reproduction,
FAQs on FW Crabs by Species: Halloween Crabs/(Gecarcinus sp.), Panther Crabs (Parathelphusa pantherina), Vampire Crabs, Red Devil, Soapdish (Geosesarma sp.), "Other" real and purported Freshwater Crab species (Freshwater spider crab/Amarinus lacustris, Malawi Blue Crab (Potamonautes orbitospinus) Red Claw Crab/Perisesarma bidens, Red Thai Crab/Gecarcinus ruricola, Soapdish Crab/Cardisoma sp., Thai Micro Crabs/Limnopilos naiyanetri, Yellow Moon Crab/Geothelphusa albogilva,

          Freshwater to Brackish Crabs by Bob Fenner
FAQs on: Fresh to Brackish Water Crabs
Fiddler Crabs,


     Terrestrial, Hermit Crabs
FAQs on: Terrestrial Hermit Crabs 1, Terrestrial Hermit Crabs 2,
FAQs on: Terr. Hermit ID, Terr. Hermit Behavior, Terr. Hermit Compatibility, Terr. Hermit Selection, Terr. Hermit Systems, Terr. Hermit Feeding, Terr. Hermit Disease, Terr. Hermit Reproduction.
FAQs on:
Marine/SW: SW Hermit ID, SW Hermit Behavior, SW Hermit Compatibility, SW Hermit Selection, SW Hermit Systems, SW Hermit Feeding, SW Hermit Disease/HealthSW Hermit Reproduction,  







































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